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Welcome to My World

Sometimes in today's world all we want to do is escape to a place where everything goes right, where the good gals always win, and where Fair is not merely an event that occurs once a year in Pomona. (That's in Calif. for those of you scratching your heads <G>)  Here's a good spot to begin, but let me warn you that you may find the real world creeping into the story or the story creeping into your real world-- that is the magic of a myth interlaced with all the components of reality.

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Laguna Nights

     Alexis Dorian may have been born with a silver spoon in her beautiful mouth, but that doesn't guarantee success in her love life. Just as she is about to give up on the hope of ever finding her elusive soulmate, Samantha Riley materializes one summer's evening, right before her eyes, on her private beach in Laguna, California. The vivacious blonde catches the eye and then captures the heart of the solemn raven-haired executive. Drawn together by a force neither can explain, they follow their instincts, as their immortal souls reunite.

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Sedona Rain

Alexis Dorian and Samantha Riley have affirmed their love for each other. Both women harbor the inner feeling that this may not be the first lifetime they have spent together. Although Samantha is a firm believer in reincarnation, Alex remains skeptical of its validity until she suddenly finds herself face to face with facts too genuine to ignore. While celebrating Samantha's birthday, the women embark on a camping trip to one of the spiritually mystical areas of Sedona, Arizona. The lovers soon discover that sometimes it only takes a little rain to open the ancient door of knowledge and take the first step down the path to reawakening old beliefs.

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Sedona Rain has won a Reader's Choice award.

California Gold

Alexis Dorian and Samantha Riley are getting ready for many firsts in their relationship. They will soon celebrate their first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve together. Alex’s 31st birthday is now an event she is looking forward to and as she comes into her special inheritance she finally has someone with whom to share her love, happiness, and prosperity. A professional regression proves to be more mind opening than either of the women could have ever imagined, and a trip to Alex’s inherited property further expands the history of the Dorian fortune. While Alex and Samantha are exploring the pristine land, they find themselves reliving memories of a life lived long ago, as pioneers, during the California gold rush

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New Beginnings

A Place to Heal

A Place to Heal has won a Readers Choice Award.

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